The Secret footballer is this week claiming that he was told Arsene Wenger’s indecision cost him the chance of signing Morgan Schneiderlin and Son Heung-min.

The anonymous writer claims that he met with an Arsenal scout who said that the club had decided on the former Southampton man last January but Wenger changed his mind (how dare he!) while they scouted the Tottenham player 30 times.

The scout even showed the SF his scouting report – clearly something that would identify him within the club.

Here’s what the Secret footballer said on his site:

I met up with my friend, an Arsenal scout, last week.

I pointed out that Tottenham Hotspur’s summer recruit, Son Heung-min, is one of the most impressive players I’ve seen at White Hart Lane since Gareth Bale.

Immediately, the scout took his phone out of his pocket and showed me a scouting report from last season. This is how it read …

* Scares the life out of defences. Feet are scarily quick, can turn in any direction.

* Keeps his shape, good discipline, counters quickly, carries the ball a long way up the pitch, aware of team-mates in better positions.

* Scores goals from great positions in the box that others don’t take up (Ljungberg). Hard to pick up and track.

* Fit, doesn’t stop working.

* Different to anything that we have in the building.


That was one of several reports he showed me that got better and better.

Arsenal watched Son almost 30 times last season, with all the scouts in agreement that the player would be a fantastic addition.

So what happened?

‘It’s Arsene [Wenger],” the scout said. ‘He’s so indecisive it’s frightening. We had [Morgan] Schneiderlin done and dusted last January and, by the summer, the gaffer had changed his mind. Son was 100 per cent perfect for us.’

Now I’m not saying that this is not true, but what I am saying is you have one anonymous person telling you an unnamed person told him something else and we are being expected to treat it as fact.

In fact, many already have with some using it as evidence that Wenger isn’t the right man for the job.

So why would an Arsenal scout, who presumably wants to keep his job, be blabbing this sort of thing to the press?

Did he know he was talking to the press? Did the SF tell him that anything he said could end up being published for the world to see?

All this does is raise more questions than it answers, and none of them are about Arsenal.