Every poor result is met with criticism and huge demands. We need new players, a new manager, new everything.

This summer we signed a new goalkeeper. He didn’t play in the Champions League defeat to Olympiacos at the end of September, but a disappointing result saw the same questions and demands as ever.

A matter of days later, with Petr Čech in goal, Arsenal tore apart Louis van Gaal’s Manchester United. Nobody gave all the credit to Wenger, but the doubts surrounding him were quietened for a couple of weeks.

“In football everything changes fast, so you need to have a clear vision and support from people at the club,” Čech has told Sarah Shephard in an interview with Sport. Football fans have become increasingly reactionary, with outbursts after every game, but we don’t ever really know the full story.

“Obviously the board and everyone at Arsenal believe in the manager – that’s why he’s still here. It’s not just for the way you are – it must be for the way you work, too. The public only see the game, they don’t see all the things that are happening behind the scenes. So, sometimes, judging people only on the fraction of the time you see them working can lead to different opinions.”

Čech is more used to a slightly unstable atmosphere at Chelsea, where he played for eight different managers (and José Mourinho twice) in 11 years.

When the 33-year-old sat down to speak to Arsène Wenger in the summer, he was convinced to sign for Arsenal. Eight managers, including Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti and Guus Hiddink have worked with Čech since 2004, so he has seen the very best. For him to trust Wenger, to believe in him, says a lot.

“He introduced me to the vision the club has for the coming years, to the reason why certain things are the way they are now and how they will be next year and the year after,” the goalkeeper explained.

“I really liked the project in the way it matches my ambition and motivations. It’s a difficult decision to go from Chelsea to Arsenal, but I believed it was the right decision because I wanted to be part of the Premier League at a club that matches my ambitions. With Arsenal, that all came together.”

Four Premier League titles and a Champions League are just the very biggest hours Čech won during his time at Stamford Bridge. He’s a winner.

It’s Arsène Wenger who convinced him to sign for the club and Čech, along with everyone else at Arsenal, seems convinced the Frenchman is the right man for the job. Next time you’re berating the manager, the board, the players, just spare a thought. Those at the club have brought us this far. Why not go further with them?

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