Santi Cazorla said he was ‘proud’ following our 2-0 win against Bayern Munich in the Champions League and that all we can do now for the rest of the campaign is continue to win.

After losing our opening two matches against Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiacos, the pressure was all on Arsenal to get a result against Bayern. We did, which is great, but the table is still out of our hands. All we can do is win and play the games ahead of us.

Speaking after the match, Cazorla said, “We have three more games, it was tough for us – we had to win today to try to go to the next round. The most important thing was to win and now we have to prepare for the next games, against Bayern away, Dinamo at home and Olympiacos away.”

This is the frustrating aspect of the win. It was fantastic and we deserved it. However, it just shows how bad our approach was to the previous two European fixtures. Everything we got right against Bayern, we got wrong against the other teams in our group and we can’t go back and fix those.

As frustrating as that must be for the team, as a fan it’s even worse because we’re truly helpless.