Bayern Munich’s Philipp Lahm is says he is not fooled by Arsenal’s false start in the Champions League as he gets ready to face down Arsene Wenger’s men on Tuesday night.

The two sides could not have had more contrasting starts to their campaigns with the Gunners losing their two first games in relatively embarrassing circumstances while Bayern simply continue to blow opponents away.

As Arsenal showed against Manchester United, however, they are more than capable of pulling out a top, top quality performance when they need to and Lahm is well aware of what could be waiting for them at the Emirates.

“Anybody who knows about football also knows that Arsenal are better than the way they have started this season in Europe, with two defeats,” Lahm told the Bundesliga’s official website.

“They have got some very, very dangerous individuals and certainly it is not going to be easy, but we are ready. We take all of our opponents seriously, otherwise you don’t win nine games in a row in the Bundesliga.

“We are going to London two days before the game because you always have a lot of travelling to do in London and you often spend a lot of time in traffic and it takes more than an hour to get to training.

“It is not the first time we are travelling two days in advance. It is just the way it is, even if we would prefer to stay at home. We always prepare ourselves professionally.”

It’s an incredibly hard game to call.

Bayern are immense but Arsenal have shown in the past that they can more than match them. But they have also shown that they can throw the ball into the back of their own net with frustrating regularity.

It’s a brave person who calls this game with any degree of confidence. Or a total idiot.