Arsenal look set to lose a hefty chunk of change unless they can turn around their fortunes in this year’s Champions League.

Currently bottom of the group with zero points and a double-header against Bayern Munich on the horizon, the Gunners face the very real prospect of failing to qualify from their group for the first time in living memory. Or since 2000. One of those two.

With displays against Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiacos giving no-one cause for optimisim against the German giants, a report on Wednesday in the Telegraph claims that Arsenal will lose at least £10m unless they get their s**t together, although they also mention Arsenal could lose up to £70m by not winning the competition but no-one is taking that bit seriously.

Each win in the group stage is worth £1.1m meaning there is still £4.4m still to play for in the remaining four matches. After that, a last 16 knock out would net the Gunners a further £4.05m, a sum they can kiss goodbye too unless they do something quite unexpected against Bayern.

At this point, talking about Arsenal, the Champions League and the money they might lose is more than  little depressing. The fans don’t care about the money the club could miss out on because, at the moment, all they care about is the repeated humiliations they have to endure.

Perhaps losing actual cash money would shake the club up.

Then again, it’s likely to make things even tighter behind the scenes.

Fun times.