Arsenal, if we believe all we’re told, are planning on blitzing Bayern Munich in order to try and get their first Champions League win of the season on the board.

It’s understandable why they would pick that tactic, after all, it worked so well against Manchester United recently and, had it not been for Mesut Ozil’s penalty miss a few seasons ago, would have worked against the German giants then too.

But the thing with those two examples is that they caught the opposition out; they weren’t expecting it and, especially in the case of United, they were out of the game before they even knew what had hit them.

Bayern will be expecting a fast, intense approach from Arsenal and should be well prepped in what to expect. That means that Arsenal have to be at the very top of their game to pull it off against a side yet to concede a goal in the competition.

Will nerves get to the side or will they play like a team with nothing to lose? It really is hard to know how best they should approach this game. Hard and fast is when we are at our best but it is also when we are at our most vulnerable. Can we hold the Germans off while we build our attacks? Can we avoid being Monaco’d on the break?

As Wenger pointed out in his press conference before the game, all sides have weaknesses, although some have fewer than others.

Whatever happens on Tuesday night, it is unlikely to be dull.

Heart-attack-inducing, sure, but certainly not dull.

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