Arsenal majority owner Stan Kroenke has been paid £3m by the club for a second year running, but the details on why he was paid were embarrassingly avoided at Thursday’s AGM.

To be totally clear, Kroenke himself has not pocketed the £3m sum, but it has been given to his company KSE.

“I felt it was right to pay a fee for the wide range of services provided to Arsenal football club by Kroenke Sports and Entertainment,” Arsenal chairman Sir Chips Keswick told shareholders.

“We should not be in a position where we expect these services to come for nothing. That would not be good governance or the right thing to do.”

I completely agree with Keswick, but are fans – and shareholders in particular – not owed a deeper explanation? It has been made perfectly clear that the £3m payment is for a wide range of services, but what exactly are they?

Have the club looked into whether or not there is a company which could provide the same services? Perhaps they would do a better job, or a similar job for a smaller amount of money?

This is all just speculation, of course, but a more exact answer would leave far fewer questions for fans to concern themselves with.

“I am reminded that KSE is one of the most respected sport organisations in the United States and they have extensive expertise and long experience in sports management. This contributed to our positive evolution in recent years in a multitude of areas,” Keswick added, though he again failed to say what exactly the services are or how they have helped the club.

“I would remind everyone that we have a majority owner who has been and remains respectful of our traditions and philosophies. He is fully supportive of everything we want to do in respect of our activities.”

That last point is an extremely fair one. Stan Kroenke doesn’t run the club as his plaything, but allows more knowledgeable men – Ivan Gazidis and Arsène Wenger – to take control. Our values and traditions as a football club haven’t been altered, though some fans may not be satisfied.

However, without a more comprehensive explanation of what services KSE provide, there will always be some suspicion surrounding the payment. Are Arsenal getting value for money, how exactly have we benefitted from KSE’s expertise, and why won’t more information be shared?

If it finally is shared, and makes sense, the board may just be surprised by how understanding and reasonable fans would be.