Arsene Wenger has spoken about the potential he sees in Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and how the fact that the 22-year-old is so critical of himself can be a good thing.

Wenger has spoken before about the Ox needing to have more self belief when it comes to his game. According to the boss, the forward will concentrate on what he’s done wrong rather than everything he’s done right. This can be useful but not if it hampers his confidence.

Ahead of our match against Olympiacos on Tuesday, Wenger reiterated his point that Chambo needs to find the balance between critiquing his performance and ultimately beating himself up about it.

“I see [Alex] train every day, he is dedicated, focused, hungry,” said Wenger. “His dad said he lacks a bit of self-belief and I can confirm that because he is very critical of himself.

“That’s positive and a sign of top-level sportsmen but you have to find the right balance: not happy with what you do without harming the confidence.

“He is maybe not happy enough with his performance after the games and sees only what he has not done well, not enough of what he has done well.”

Wenger added, “He’s 22, he is in the English national team, he plays many games for Arsenal,” said Wenger.

“You become a complete player at 23. From 23 to 30 is certainly where you are at your best. He has the future in front and a bright one.”

Arsenal's English striker Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (R) and English defender Kieran Gibbs
Arsenal’s English striker Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (R) and English defender Kieran Gibbs take part in a training session at London Colney in St Albans, north London on 28 September, 2015 before a Group F Champions League football match against Olympiakos. AFP PHOTO/Olly Greenwood (Photo credit should read OLLY GREENWOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

On the topic of the youngster’s game itself, Wenger used Alexis as an example of someone he can look up to, something the Ox agrees with.

“For me it is down to the quality of the reception,” said Wenger. “That means the area you get the ball, and that makes Alexis difficult to mark because he gets into positions where he can score.

“Alex is a good finisher, he gets into good positions and that is what he has to learn from him. You can work on it, knowing where to be at the right moment.”

Chambo admitted that both Wenger and his dad have a similar view and it’s something he needs to take on board.