Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger faced the media on Friday morning and revealed Gabriel is in his plans for Saturday’s game at Leicester City.

The Brazilian defender has had a three-match ban overturned by the FA following his red card in last weekend’s 2-0 loss at Stamford Bridge. However, the defender could face a ban ahead of the weekend after being charged for improper conduct.

That, however, isn’t playing on the defender’s mind and the manager praised the way he has trained in the last few days despite the controversy surrounding him.

The manager also said that Gabriel’s case, which the FA will decide on today, will be helped by the fact he has barely any grasp of English.

With the media talk surrounding him it’s a good thing he doesn’t speak English and hasn’t heard what the press, and fans, have said. Moreover, it may even aid his case with the FA.

Mike Dean sent Gabriel off last week but couldn’t communicate in a way that Gabriel could understand. Imagine if someone told you to ‘calm down’ or ‘go straight off’ in a foreign language, you’d have no idea what was being said.

The way Gabriel reacted is no excusable but, considering he speaks next to no English, it is somewhat understandable.

Hopefully the FA treat him kindly and he’s at Wenger’s disposal for the game at Leicester. If not, we have Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny anyway.