On Saturday afternoon a mixture of Diego Costa being himself and Gabriel falling for it saw the Arsenal man red carded.

I say falling for it, but there’s no way the Chelsea striker is calculated enough to try and get others sent off. He just wants a brawl.

Anyway, Gabriel leapt to the defence of teammate Laurent Koscielny at Stamford Bridge and the events that followed saw him sent off as Costa walked away. The striker clearly got under Gabriel’s skin, and it’s no surprise.

It looks like two years ago, in a game between Atlético Madrid and Villarreal, the defender was smart enough not to retaliate Instead, Gabriel went down with not a great deal of contact and atrracted the referee’s attention to the stupid forward.

This time around, he lacked that nous. Costa wound him up and Gabriel saw red. It cost Arsenal but, ultimately, why haven’t referees done anything about the Chelsea man? He’s been pulling the same stunts for years and it’s about time the officials put their foot down.