According to Victor Wanyama, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur’s apparent interest during the transfer window didn’t effect him and the midfielder is fully focussed on Southampton.

The 24-year-old, who was coincidentally left out of Southampton’s most recent tie before the transfer window shut, has spoken up about the rumours surrounding his departure and made is clear where his loyalties supposedly lie.

“I will fully concentrate on Southampton since I have a contract with them running,” he said.

“It didn’t affect me in any way. I’m still a Southampton player and I will give my best when I go back and hopefully, we will win more games.

“It has been difficult for the team when I was away but things will be alright. These things happen but I’m good to go.”

Just how interested Arsenal genuinely were in Wanyama, I don’t know. The defensive midfielder could have been a decent, Premier League addition to the squad. However, whether we were even in the market for a DM during the latter stages of the transfer window is debatable.

The Kenyan’s made 68 appearances for Southampton and, after letting Morgan Schneidlerin go gallivanting off to Manchester United, it’s understandable that the Saints wouldn’t want to allow another midfielder to just stroll out the door.

The idea that Wanyama wasn’t effected by the rumours, however, is laughable, considering Ronald Koeman himself spoke out about the footballer not being mentally able to play, and he reportedly revealed that Wenger wanted him. To me, it sounds like someone was very effected.