The Metropolitan Police have arrested 10 fans after Arsenal beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 on Wednesday night.

Arsenal fans, who were not allowed to leave White Hart Lane immediately after the match, were seen ripping down Tottenham signs while celebrating the team’s win in the first north London derby of the season.

The actions of the fans in the away end has seen arrests made for a number of offences, including criminal damage, but Arsenal will not be punished by the FA.

According to BBC Sport, the FA will aid the police in any investigations but will not punish the club as the matter is a criminal issue.

“We’re concerned that this has happened. We will work with Tottenham and the authorities on this,” an Arsenal spokesman said to Standard Sport.

Earlier this week, the FA held up Arsenal’s appeal against a ban received by Gabriel after the defender was shown a red card at Stamford Bridge for alleged violent conduct.

No doubt fans of other clubs will now say the FA are somehow on Arsenal’s side, with no actual evidence to back up such a ridiculous claim.