After winning the Premier League last season, José Mourinho’s Chelsea find themselves lingering at 17th in the table.

The champions have played five games and won just once, losing as many times as they did in the whole of last season. With Mourinho running out of excuses and ways to deflect blame, he even turned on his own players after the loss to Crystal Palace.

Fact of the matter is, the Portuguese is obsessed with confrontation and an interview with GQ magazine (per Sport Witness) has clearly again been aimed at getting under the skin of Arsenal fans.

“There are a number of opportunities for a manager in London.Fulham, QPR, West Ham, Spurs, the England national team… and Arsenal,” Mourinho said, speaking to notoriously ridiculous Arsenal ‘fan’ and general moron Piers Morgan, who ruled out every job but the one for England and Arsenal.

“So Piers, we are left with two options, yes? Arsenal and the national team.

“For now I have given you what you wanted – a glimmer of hope.”

Mourinho’s next league game is up against Arsène Wenger, but there’s only one dugout the Chelsea boss will ever occupy in a game between the Blues and Arsenal, that much goes without saying. No matter how desperately he wants to manage London’s biggest club, it simply won’t ever happen. Arsenal have class and that instantly rules him out when Wenger leaves.


The only glimmer of hope being provided by the Chelsea manager right now is their current form. After all the success he is finally suffering the kind of start to a season his character deserves, maybe there is a God after all? Thanks for that glimmer, José. Long may it continue.