Frank Lampard reckons that Petr Cech is one of the best goalkeepers he’s seen.

The New York City FC man had the chance to play with Cech while at Chelsea and had nothing but compliments for the Czech international.

“Petr Cech and Joe Hart are the best goalkeepers to play against,” the former England player said.

Lampard also went on to praise Joe Hart, another keeper he played alongside at Manchester City during his loan spell last season.

“I’ve played against Harty, and stuck a few past him over the years, but I’ve been fortunate enough to train with him for a year at Manchester City and realised how good a goalkeeper he is,” Lampard continued.

“We were very fortunate to have him and for England.”

Although we probably don’t need telling twice that Cech is world class, having his former teammates talk about his ability to this day goes to show what a superb goalkeeper he is. Lampard and Cech played in the same team for over a decade together and I’d be surprised if the two aren’t in contact to this day.

“Petr Cech on the same note, he is a fantastic goalkeeper,” the midfielder added. “Two brilliant pros and I’ve got complete respect for both of them.

“There are lots of good goalies out there but I’ve been closely working with those two and they’re brilliant.”

The difference is, while Lampard is just winding his career down by moving to the States, Cech is still in his prime and determined to only get better.

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