Laurent Koscileny was speaking to the Arsenal podcast this week, presumably before the farcical events at Stamford Bridge at the weekend.

Mostly, the defender, who was the subject of a couple of Diego Costa’s ‘dark arts’ manoeuvres (do we have to call them that, it makes it sound like something he should be praised for, the cheaty little cheat), was talking about Petr Cech and the influence that he has had on the team.

But he also spoke about the goals he scores for the team, revealing that he hasn’t set a goal target for the season as that is not what he is in the side to do.

Arsenal players try to work out what happened at Chelsea

“[Cech]played a long time for Chelsea,” Kos said. “He won a lot of trophies. I think he is one of the best goalkeepers in the league and I think he can help us to win more trophies.

“He has the experience of the big games, he knows how we can win the title and I think he will be very important for us and he will give us some points with his saves.

“You felt [in] the first training with him, he talks a lot, he tries to help his teammates to be in a good position, to know where our opponents are and he has the experience of everything so he can help the team and he can help the full backs.

“My job is to defend.

“If after [that] I can help the team to score some goals, it’s a bonus, but the most important [thing] is that the team are ready, the strikers score some goals and the centrebacks didn’t conceded.”

Arsenal had actually been looking quite good on the ‘not conceding’ front in the league until they went to Chelsea this weekend.

But, as we all now know, results that involve Diego Costa or Mike Dean aren’t really worth considering when trying to get an idea of how the side are doing as it’s so far from a level playing field, you may as well set some goals up on one of Everest’s faces.