One of the strangest transfer rumours to come out of the window was that PSG forward, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, could be coming to Arsenal.

However, the Swede has now made it clear that, even if there was interest there, he was not willing to move and instead wanted to remain with the Ligue 1 team.

“No, so the interest that existed [from Arsenal], I have not committed myself to,” Zlatan said.

“It is [agent] Mino [Raiola] who takes care of the pieces. When I give notice that I want something to happen I get involved. But this summer I have been resting up, I enjoyed the holiday.”

The forward continued, “[The interest] was concrete from [AC Milan’s] side.”

“[There was] a lot of interest but I said from the beginning that I will stay with PSG. I like it, we have a good team, my family feel good and it’s just positive with Paris and PSG. But they wanted, they wanted much.

“I know that Milan were a bit desperate.”

It’s unclear whether Zlatan is confirming Arsenal interest or just saying he would have been more interested if had there been, but either way, I didn’t see us seriously bringing him to north London and I doubt anyone else did.

Nor do I think anyone thought him coming to Arsenal would ever be a good idea.

Once upon a time, there was a rumour that Zlatan refused to sign for Arsenal because we wanted him to have a trial with us, which he believed he was too good for. However, how true this is, we’ll probably never know.