Arsenal were terrible against Olympiacos, that much is clear, but what else did we learn?

Another loss in the Champions League put to bed any hope Arsenal had of progressing. Now, bar a miracle, we’re in the Europa League, which is not where Arsenal Football Club should be.

Teams know how to play against us

Arsenal are no longer intimidating to other teams. They know how to pressure us, break us down and put all their men behind the ball. It’s disturbing to think we either haven’t noticed this or we have and just haven’t changed our game plan.

We looked disturbingly impotent in the final third on Tuesday and one of the main reasons for this was because Olympiacos set up to keep us out. And they did.

Ospina is [insert expletive]

As if we didn’t already know, Ospina just isn’t good enough to play for Arsenal.

One of the most confusing decisions Wenger has ever made, in my opinion, is loaning out Szczesny to Roma. The pole should have been the one in goal for us on Tuesday if the boss insists on refusing to play Cech in our Champions League games.

Ospina dropping the ball over the wrong side of the line for the Greek team’s second goal wasn’t the first time he’s done this. Remember Swansea last season when he scooped the ball from behind the line? Or just last week against Spurs when he dropped the ball on the line?

Cazorla and Coquelin don’t gel well

People love both Coquelin and Cazorla but together they just don’t work. We lack control and creativity, and the void between our attack and midfield is huge.

As soon as Ramsey came on for Coquelin against Olympiacos we perked up and this is something the boss needs to realise.

Ramsey is precious

Aaron Ramsey is amazing and must be protected at all costs. If he’d started against Olympiacos, who knows what the result would have been.

Although I don’t want him overplayed, he’s a driving force in our midfield and when the match is a must win, you’d expect him to be in the starting lineup.

Arsenal won’t progress in Europe

A loss against Dinamo Zagreb and now Olympiacos has just proven how inept we are in Europe. Even by some complete fluke we manage to somehow win enough points to progress, which looks unlikely, we’d get mauled by whoever we faced in the knock-out stages.

It’s concerning that every season is the same. If anything, we’re getting progressively worse in the Champions League, instead of learning from our mistakes.

Not only this but our home form is worrying. The Emirates is supposed to be our fortress but now any team can come and comfortably beat us. As great as it is that our away form is decent, if we can’t win at home against a team from the Greek league, what hope do we have?

It’s definitely time to change. Whether it comes down to team selection, game plan or motivation, something’s got to give. We can’t keep repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results because as everyone else gets better, we get worse.