Rio Ferdinand claims that Arsene Wenger’s apparent inability to criticise his own players ‘worries’ him and that our team needs more ‘big personalities’.

This isn’t the first time Wenger has been blasted for not openly having a go at his players. Many have criticised the fact that the manager would rather have a quiet – or maybe not so quiet – word behind the scenes, rather than in front of the media, simply because other managers don’t operate like that.

However, the players themselves, have praised Wenger’s man management and often insist that it’s the faith he has in them that helps them pick themselves up.

“The most worrying thing for me is does anyone dig anyone out in that dressing room?” Ferdinand said.

“Does Arsene Wenger [criticise his players]? I don’t believe he does and that’s a big worry for me. To win titles and leagues, you need big personalities like that.”

A lot of exaggeration goes on when it comes to Wenger. If people think he never shouts, they clearly haven’t watched him on a Saturday afternoon on the touchline, heckling his own players and telling them what to do.

Also, just because he doesn’t criticise them personally in public, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen and just because the man respects them as professionals enough not to undermine them in front of others who have no business in the matter, doesn’t mean that he just allows them to get away with everything.

I’m sure when the time is right, Wenger has his own methods of dealing with his players.