They may be different colours but there is certainly a similarity in the design of Newcastle’s away, training and goalkeeper’s kits and Arsenal’s this season.

So much so it was enough for one fan to ask

And Katie has a point.

Take a look at Newcastle’s away kit this season along with their training top:

newcastle 15 16 kit5 And then Arsenal’s (if you don’t already know what it looks like): Then there’s Arsenal’s training top: arsenal 2015 2016 puma training shirt red And Newcastle’s third kit? Well, we can’t agree that they are that similar at all (unless you compare Newcastle to PSG, but then PUMA don’t make PSG’s)

And Arsenal’s:

Goalkeeper’s kit:

new balance costa rica larger 5 Arsenal’s:

arsenal 15 16 goalkeeper kit 1 That’s some pretty lazy designing from PUMA.

And if you ever wondered what they do with the extra Arsenal shirts they don’t sell, well, this might be a clue: