Although it feels like the 2-0 loss to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge was years ago, it’s still a talking point and former Gunner Cesc Fabregas has now has his say.

Unsurprisingly, the midfielder believes his teammate Diego Costa was unfairly treated and that the poor guy is just misunderstood!

“He’s frustrated, obviously, and rightly so,” said Fabregas.

“We all know the causes why he is. Some people understand it, some people don’t. It’s very unfair what happened to him.

“Apart from that, he’s a key player for us, our striker, a player who has to score goals and finish our combinations.”

At this point in time, it’s unclear what planet Cesc is actually living on if he feels Costa has any right to be annoyed at his retrospective ban. The bloke manhandled Koscielny – Cesc’s former teammate – and then proceeded to provoke Gabriel. Of course the defender shouldn’t have risen to the bait but he was hardly out of line. The same can’t be said for Costa.

Cesc’s behaviour during the match in general made me uncomfortable. Asking the referee to send off his former club’s players and joining in the baiting is not the way someone acts when they respect their ex-manager as much as he claims he does.