Francis Coquelin recently hailed the Arsenal fans’ support, confessing that during a match, they spur him.

The midfielder, who unfortunately appears to have hyper-extended his knee during the Chelsea match at Stamford Bridge, believes the fans are key in egging on the players and making them perform well on the pitch.

“What makes [the match] even better is when you hear the fans clap when you make a great tackle,” he said. “Against Stoke there was a big tackle that I made and to hear the fans really buzzing off it… I was very happy.

“To get a goal off that it is like me scoring. I don’t mind not scoring if I can make an interception or a tackle that leads to a goal, I’m happy with that.”

The 24-year-old was out on loan at Charlton when we had to recall him due to an injury to Mikel Arteta. The defensive midfielder quickly found his rhythm and gained the respect of Arsenal fans almost straight away. A particularly impressive performance away at Man City showed everyone just how much he’d matured and was ready to be a full-time part of the first team.

Although Wenger insists his knee injury isn’t serious, we all know what that could mean (remember when Welbeck was supposed to be out for three weeks?) so hopefully he recovers soon.

In the mean time, we have captain Arteta to fill in.