Former Chelsea man Pat Nevin has admitted that although Chelsea didn’t play well on Saturday, the important thing is that they beat Arsenal.

The match at Stamford Bridge which left Arsenal down to nine men and Chelsea with all three points has left a bitter taste in many Gooners mouths. The controversy and deplorable actions of Diego Costa i.e. attacking one of our centre-backs with no repercussions, and getting the other one sent off, overshadowed the game and left us feeling hard done by.

The two goals the Blues scored were a result of us going down to 10 and then nine men, with the second actually being an own goal. Other than this, they didn’t play exceedingly well, certainly no better than us in the first half.

We felt like we had a chance to get a result; a chance which was promptly taken away from us by Costa and Mike Dean, the referee.

Chelsea legend, Pat Nevin, also noticed that the Blues weren’t exactly on top form, but insisted that just getting the win against Arsenal was important and this could finally kickstart their season after a poor start.

“There are so many positives for Chelsea,” he said. “They haven’t played brilliantly today but they have managed to beat their great rivals Arsenal.

“And Hazard finally gets a goal, and he has played with quality.

“It’s been a great game for Chelsea and now they can build from here. And you suspect that they will.”

Yeah, yeah. We’ll see.