Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Čech is not doing a good job of keeping track of his clean sheets.

I guess it’s tricky when you have as many as he does but, closing in on David James’s Premier League record of 170, the Czech international got himself into a bit of a twist.

Here are the facts:

  • David James’s 170 Premier League clean sheets are a record.
  • Čech has kept 169: 166 for Chelsea and three for Arsenal.
  • Čech has played the entire 90 minutes in 165 of those games, and only clean sheets when the goalkeeper has played the whole game count.
  • Therefore, Čech is on 165 Premier League clean sheets and finds himself four shy of James’s record.

Čech, for some reason, thought he was on 171 in total and had 167 which counted, but has took to Twitter on Monday to have a little laugh at his own miscalculations.

And even included a pun on his own name.