After the close of the transfer window which saw Arsenal fail to buy a senior outfield player, the Arsenal Supporter’s Trust has called for a review of the club’s transfer policy.

Coming on the back of a quickly organised (but unconnected) protest at the Emirates after the window shut, the AST statement reads well and even calls for the fans to get behind the club, but that isn’t what is going to make the headlines today.

“Arsenal are in a very strong financial position and it is of course disappointing that the transfer window has closed with just the signing of Petr Cech,” said an AST statement.

“Arsenal have built a strong squad and just one or two more good additions would have strengthened the chances of winning a first title in 11 years. No one wants Arsenal to buy players just for the sake of it, but we do want to see the money being invested to make the club stronger.

“This isn’t an issue that affects just one transfer window and seems to indicate a wider structural issue. In recent years Arsenal have overhauled both their Academy and their medical set-up. We urge the board to now open a full review into its arrangements for scouting and purchasing players. A review of this type is a good governance practice and can only help Arsenal to become a stronger club. The AST will be raising this with the Arsenal board.

“Now that the window is closed the squad is as it is. Arsenal have a strong squad that has recently won silverware and we urge all fans to get behind the team over the rest of the season.”

While it is understandable that many fans are frustrated at how the transfer window panned out, we are in danger of looking like a bunch of spoilt brats.

It’s hard to imagine that the club didn’t try and sign some players and we know that they did, in fact, attempt to do so. Many point to the prices that Arsenal fans have to pay to support their club and this, of course, raises a number of questions but I generally find the whole business of throwing a strop over not buying players to be more than a little distasteful.

Yes, Arsenal have had a poor start to the season, but this is the same squad the fanbase were drooling over in pre-season.

Despite what the statement says, many fans do want the club to buy for the sake of buying and allow themselves to be whipped into a frenzy by the media.

We all need to take a step back, calm down, and look at the situation rationally.

It is disappointing, but it is far from the end of the world.