After a horror performance on Saturday, Arsenal fans have started a petition to have referee Mike Dean stopped from taking charge of any more of the club’s games.

Arsenal have a terrible record with Dean in the middle, and fans have clearly had enough after he failed to send Diego Costa off on Saturday.

A finely balanced match was ruined when Dean opted to leave Costa on the field despite a number of offences which could have seen him red carded.

Instead, Gabriel was sent off for a silly but tedious kick out at Diego Costa, who had dug his fingernails into the Arsenal’s defenders neck.

The petition reads:

“After many poor decisions that go against Arsenal when Mike Dean is refereeing the game, it is time that we get an inquiry to his ability to referee Arsenal games

“Major incidents have occurred in recent and past games that show he is inept at refereeing at this level now.

“The recent events at Chelsea V Arsenal (19/09/15) highlight this where two Arsenal players were dismissed while Diego Costa the opposition player made four straight red card incidents and was shown one yellow card only.

“Also the incident where Mike Dean celebrated for the opposition, when they scored a goal, this was in the Arsenal V Tottenham Hotspur fixture (26/02/2012).”

You can see why Arsenal fans don’t like him, right? Amazingly, at the time of writing, over 40,000 fans have signed the petition, which you can find here.