Earlier today we brought you snippets from Arsene Wenger’s press conference which seemed to hint that the manager was not confident at all in landing any new players.

Of course, the reason we did that was because he was reported to have said he was ‘not confident’ but it comes as no surprise to us to learn that he elaborated a little more than was detailed on Twitter, with the manager saying something he has probably said in every single transfer window to date – something that was also the complete opposite of what he was initially reported to have said.


This is always a solution for Arsene

  “I am always confident that a last-minute situation or solution is available, because the transfer market is especially moving in the last four or five days,” Wenger said. “But at the moment I cannot promise you that. We work very hard, you know I have a team around me who work day and night to find good solutions but at the moment we are not close to signing anyone.” At least we know that the club are still trying to sign players and, as we also know, the manager likes a last minute deal as prices drop and players start to panic that they might be stuck at their current club earning less than they can get elsewhere. So with just a few days left of this transfer window, how likely is it that Wenger will sign someone? This handy little chart from The AFC Grapevine will help answer that question: