The ‘Lee Mason should have red-carded Francis Coquelin‘ rant has already gotten so boring that journalists are having to sensationalise it in order to make it interesting.

In a complete non-story, the Telegraph claimed that the referee has been demoted to the position of fourth official for the upcoming Leicester v Spurs match. Half of this is true – Mason will be the fourth official. However, not because he’s been demoted, he’s simply being rotated, as all referees in the Premier League are.

During last season, Mason acted as main referee for 25 matches. That hypothetically leaves 13 matches where he acted as another match official.

Implying that just because he’s acting as a fourth official for one game he’s suddenly been demoted by an arguably dubious decision is ridiculous, considering referees make questionable decisions week in, week out without consequence.

Why is it suddenly when this happens to an Arsenal player that their job is in danger?

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