Micky Quinn has slated Mesut Ozil ahead of our tie with Newcastle, claiming that he doesn’t believe the midfielder is fast enough for the Premier League.

The former Newcastle forward, who clearly hasn’t watched a lot of the German play, doesn’t believe Ozil’s cut out for the pace of the Premier League.

Speaking recently, Quinn said, “He’s too slow for the Premier League, he’s too one paced – He doesn’t dictate the pace of a Premier League game – He drifts in an out of a game with little flashes of brilliance, but this is the Premier League and he needs to do it regularly.”

Ozil has come under fire more than once for appearing lazy or languid when he plays football, despite it being proven that he actually runs the most out of all our players. The criticism is, more often than not, completely uncalled or and incorrect.

I have trouble taking anyone who insults Ozil’s playing style seriously because, to me, he’s simply one of the best players in the world. Maybe that’s me looking at him through Arsenal-tinted glasses, but when I watch him I can’t believe the amount of skill he possesses, while simultaneously making it look so easy.