Santi Cazorla has confirmed what we all might have suspected: Arsenal aren’t going to sign Karim Benzema.

After months of speculation and vague ‘maybe, maybe not‘ statements from Wenger, Cazorla seems to have confirmed what we already partically knew, which is that we won’t be signing a new striker this transfer window. At least not Benzema, anyway.

Talk that we’re been reportedly bringing in the Real Madrid forward has been rife in recent weeks, with us apparently willing to stump up over £40m for the Frenchman. As a consistent 20+ goals-a-season scorer, it’d be hard to argue that he wouldn’t be an excellent addition.

However, our midfielder maestro, who signed a contract extension with us recently, has now revealed that he doesn’t believe we’re signing him, despite him potentially being a great for our squad.

“I don’t know but the manager has said [Arsenal are not interested],” Cazorla said I’m not very aware on whether there is any interest or not. The manager knows it better than anyone.”

He added, “Benzema is a great player. Every side would like to have him but I think the manager has already his team made and probably he is not looking for another striker. Benzema fits into any team. The good players fits well in every side. He has quality and would adapt great.”

Although it sounds as if the midfielder is about as In The Know as we are on the matter of transfers, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that a transfer for Benzema is, or ever was, on the cards.