Last year Héctor Bellerín claimed to be the fastest player at Arsenal.

Theo Walcott was injured during pre-season and Bellerín broke the England international’s club record speed for a 40 metre sprint. Walcott’s record stood at 4.78 seconds, but Bellerín beat it by one hundredth of a second.

The winger wasn’t best pleased and refuted Bellerín’s claim, but this summer the two have settled the matter once and for all.

“Everyone keeps telling me different numbers,” Bellerín said, “but I know I beat Theo by literally one hundredth of a second after he had beaten Thierry, so you can do the maths.”

Sounds plausible, doesn’t it? Bellerín is incredibly rapid, so maybe he really could beat Walcott’s record.

Well now, a year down the line, the Spaniard says that his victory is beyond any doubt. Both players were fit and took part in pre-season over the summer, meaning sooner or later they would race head-to-head as the club measures the times of every player over that distance

“It was very close last year,” Bellerín confessed. “But this year I beat Theo by more of a distance. He won’t tell you that, though!”

It would be great to see the two actually race, be it over 100 metres or just 40 again. Even more exciting would be the threat of them linking up down the right-hand side…maybe we’ll get to see that over the course of the season.