by Nia Griffiths

Alan Smith reckons Arsenal have a proper chance at the title next season as long as we can overcome our ‘mental barrier‘.

The former Arsenal man agrees with many that we do have an excellent shot at the title. We’ve strengthened, found our rhythm and have breezed through pre-season. However, he does feel we have a way to go before we’re quite on Chelsea’s level.

“People think they have got a genuine chance of winning the league, and I’d go along with that,” he said. “They’ve just got to conquer that mental barrier and get up to Chelsea’s level psychologically.”

Like most, the pundit also believes we should buy Karim Benzema – Real Madrid’s forward who we’ve been linked heavily with for a number of weeks now.

“If you could get a Benzema, you’d take him with both hands, of course you would, but that’s really difficult,” Smith admitted. “I think they can score enough goals without bringing in somebody like that because they’ve got so many players capable of finding the back of the net.”

Smith played in 86 matches, scoring 15 goals, for Arsenal during his time with us and, as a forward, he’s bound to be looking at where our goals our coming from. However, it’s good to see a pundit finally acknowledging that we’re not actually struggling for goals at this moment in time and that simply buying a striker and throwing him into a team isn’t as easy as others may think. Or the magic solution everything thinks we need.