by Lewis Ambrose

The week began with José Mourinho claiming that Arsenal should be competing for the title after spending an amount that would ‘surprise’ people over recent seasons.

The Chelsea manager tried to claim that Arsène Wenger has spent an amount that leaves no excuse, but the Portuguese should probably take his own advice and “get a calculator” out to check his figures.

Hm, funny that.


As ever, Arsène Wenger showed his class on Tuesday to rise above Mourinho’s attempts to pile pressure and attention on the Gunners.

“We spend what we think we have to spend and not listen to what other people have to say,” Wenger told the media in a press conference on Tuesday.

“One day if you make statistics of what we’ve spent and other clubs have spent you’ll be surprised.

“We will let other people talk.”

For almost a decade, leading up to the signing of Mesut Özil in 2013, Arsenal aimed to breakeven in the transfer market as the club had to pay off a stadium debt, meanwhile the teams around them have built huge squad of superstars spending hundreds of millions of pounds.

Now the stadium isn’t restricting the Gunners and José Mourinho suddenly sounds like a man running scared.