by Lewis Ambrose

Arsène Wenger said last week that Wojciech Szczesny still has a future at Arsenal.

The Polish goalkeeper has signed for AS Roma on loan and will spend the entire 2015/16 season in Serie A and he seems to be extremely focused on improving himself as much as possible during his spell away from London.

Asked by which aspects of his game he can improve upon, Szczesny didn’t display the arrogant persona that he has a reputation for.

“Absolutely every single one,” admitted the 25 year-old. “In football, I believe that there is no finished article. You have to keep getting better every single day. You look at players like Francesco Totti, he’s 38 and he’s still getting better and better. It’s incredible to see. No matter how good you are, you have to aim to get better in every single aspect of your game.”

That sort of attitude may surprise some. Szczesny comes across as cocky when, in fact, he is just confident. That confidence doesn’t appear to lead to complacency as much as some seem to believe. He knows he has made mistakes and can improve and backs himself to do so.

Not only does he want to become a better player but he is keen to make the most of a loan spell at a big club where he will be surrounded by people with different knowledge and experiences.

“I had a difficult time last year – I’m the first person to admit that,” the Polish goalkeeper told his new club.

“I didn’t have the best of seasons, that’s why things have turned out the way they have, but I’m grateful because it gives me the opportunity to join Roma this season. I believe if I work hard – and with the help of the coaches – I’ll be able to help the team improve from last season and hopefully challenge for the title.”

As that last sentence betrays, Szczesny is hoping to help his new club improve too. This loan isn’t just in place to benefit the goalkeeper himself but AS Roma are gaining a very talented player from the deal.

Last season the club from the Italian capital finished second in Serie A but were a long way off champions Juventus. In the Champions League they went out in the group stage after losing to Bayern Munich and Manchester City. Szczesny is pleased to still have the chance to compete in the biggest competition in Europe and wants to help Roma go further this season.

“I’ve played in the Champions League for five years now with Arsenal and they’re always special nights. It was a very important aspect of my move here,” said the goalkeeper.

“I knew that I was going to get the opportunity to play in the Champions League against the best teams in Europe. I’m looking forward to it and hopefully we can improve on how we did last year.”


“I’m trying to gain experience every day from everyone I meet, every new coach. I’m looking forward to working with him and with the goalkeeping coach and trying to become a better goalkeeper and a better person.”

Clearly Szczesny has approached this loan with a terrific attitude, and that will only serve him, Roma and Arsenal well going forward.

He isn’t quite the arrogant young man that much of the media would have you believe.