by Lewis Ambrose

No matter where you stand on Mikel Arteta and Francis Coquelin, it seems clear that Arsenal need another midfielder this summer.

Arteta has had plenty of injury problems and plenty of people still have their reservations over Coquelin but that is almost besides the point as Arsenal are just one injury away from Mathieu Flamini playing first-team football. The club seems to have little choice but to delve into the market sooner or later.

The trouble is, the options are falling by the wayside.

Arsène Wenger is known to like the French market but Geoffrey Kondogbia is now an Inter Milan player, and Gianelli Imbula has signed for Porto. Who is left?


Arsenal had been linked with Borussia Dortmund midfielder Ilkay Gündogan as he prepared to leave, but circumstances surrounding his future have been up in the air. In a move that was confirmed on Wednesday Dortmund have decided to extend Gündogan’s contract by another year in the hope that the player and the German giants will both get the deal they are looking for in 12 months time.

The only other ‘obvious’ options it leaves are Morgan Schneiderlin and William Carvalho.

The Southampton star is likely to sign for Manchester United, and the Telegraph are reporting that Arsenal are unwilling to be dragged into a bidding war.

Carvalho has little experience at the top level and would be costly.

In short, unless Wenger pulls yet another magic deal out of nowhere,. Arsenal now have very few midfield alternatives remaining.