by Lewis Ambrose

Aaron Ramsey makes no secret of his love of rugby, but fate would have it that playing for Arsenal could prevent him from seeing the one sporting event he’d love above any other.

The Welsh international played rugby at school, and could have had a career in the professional game but, luckily for us, opted for football instead.

Last year the midfielder even told John Hartson that if he wasn’t a footballer he would hope to be playing rugby.

In that interview he said he would love to see Wales in the Rugby World Cup Final above any other sporting event, and was quoted saying the same again by The Rugby Paper [hard copy] on Sunday.

The Rugby World Cup will take place this Autumn, with the final held at Twickenham on 31st October.

Unfortunately for Ramsey, Arsenal will actually be in South Wales when the game takes place – with Arsenal facing Swansea City at 3pm.

The fixture could yet be moved for television, so Ramsey may still have some hope of seeing Wales in a Rugby World Cup Final.

If not, he could always head back to Wales to lead Arsenal out in the Champions League Final in 2017 to make up for it. I know which one I would prefer.