by Lewis Ambrose

On Monday Lukas Podolski was seen posing on Galatasaray TV, and according to the striker even confirmed transfer talks.

Podolski is heavily out of favour at Arsenal and just as heavily being linked with a move to the Turkish champions.

Currently on holiday in Turkey (or is that just a cover?) the German international spoke to the club’s official television channel.

“I would like to play for Galatasaray they have great fans and I have had a huge response from then on social media,” said Podolski.

Who knew that social media was important to him?

“Talks are ongoing I hope an agreement is reached.”

I’m certain that an agreement will be, with both clubs and the player all very happy for this move to go through.

As long as he doesn’t demand something ridiculous from the Turkish giants it should go smoothly.

He is even brushing up on his Turkish already.