by Lewis Ambrose

As there is hardly anything going on – other than the signing of Petr Čech – Arsenal have taken to rehashing old interviews.

This week one with Brazilian left-back Sylvinho caught the eye as it was published on

The Brazilian joined Arsenal from Corinthians back in 1999 and only spent two years at the club but, with the fans and Highbury both being so special, we clearly left an impression on him. Does he still watch us?

“As much as possible. I have really great memories of being an Arsenal player,” said the Brazilian.

“They were my first team in Europe and they gave me an opportunity to play for one of the best teams in the world. Being there for two years was a great pleasure for me and I still have a great feeling for the club.”

As a Brazilian full-back, Sylvinho naturally had an eye for goal. Five goals for Arsenal in 71 appearances certainly isn’t bad, but it looks even better when you see some of the goals.

His most famous was this screamer against Chelsea.

While this screamer against Sheffield Wednesday is also stuck firmly in my memory.

“As for the supporters, I will never forget them. The atmosphere in the stadiums in England was always incredible. I’ll never forget Highbury – it was something very different to playing in Brazil. And the fans were very kind to me – they made me a tape of Arsenal songs which I still have.”

Sylvinho’s stay at Arsenal was probably so short because he was unfortunate enough to have Ashley Cole coming up behind him. The Englishman went on to play for Chelsea but was arguably the greatest left-back that Arsenal – or even England – have ever had. Sylvinho was unfortunate enough to have Cole challenging him at club level while Roberto Carlos was ahead of him for the national team.

“I hope I was able to help him. It was clear early on that he had the chance to become one of the best left backs in the world – so powerful and quick, and with great technique.”


If Ashely Cole hadn’t been around Sylvinho’s Arsenal career may have been very different. Following it with successful spells at Celta Vigo and then Barcelona isn’t too bad, though.