by Nia Griffiths

Stop the press: Harry Redknapp thinks we can win the Premier League.

A compliment from Redknapp about Arsenal is probably the footballing equivalent of a unicorn. However, he’s actually gone and said he reckons we can win the league next season.

Shocking, I know.

Joking aside, although the ex-Tottenham manager isn’t one of the worst in terms of slamming our team, it speaks volumes when someone who isn’t traditionally known for throwing us a bone implies that we could topple last season’s league winners, Chelsea.

“I’ve just got a feeling Arsenal might come strong this year, if Arsene [Wenger] keeps his players fit, people like [Jack] Wilshere and [Theo] Walcott,” he said. “Last year they weren’t far away and had lots of injures and lost key players. This year they could go close.”

As fans, we’re up close and personal with all the goings on (that we’re privy to) with the club. However, many pundits and so-called football experts tend to act as if they haven’t watched us play since one of our first choice centre-backs was Sebastien Squillaci.

Many speak as if we now haven’t won a trophy since the dawn of time and have only got in the top four the last couple of seasons by bribing the football Gods with vials of Mesut Ozil’s blood.

Luckily, Redknapp seems to agree that we could actually give the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City a run for their money (literally) next season.