by Nia Griffiths

On Tuesday, we reported on the rumour that Al-Jazira had pulled out of their pursuit of Gervinho because of his outrageous demands but now these reports – unfortunately – seem to be false.

After our initial report, it was also rumoured that Gervinho had demanded a beach and a helicopter as part of his contact, which, for a player of his talent, would’ve been the very least they could do, to be honest.

However, it’s now been confirmed that these demands never happened, both by the player himself and the club.

The Roma forward, who signed for the Serie A team back in 2013, said, “I read of helicopters, private beaches and plane tickets. I have no idea where that information comes from, but I have never demanded such things. When I sign a contract I don’t care about those things: everything that has been said about me is false.”

The forward only spent two seasons with us before we realised that perhaps he was better suited elsewhere i.e. not at Arsenal. Gervinho went on to be incredibly grateful towards Arsenal, and Arsene Wenger in particular…

Al-Jazira also said, “We confirm that we stopped negotiating with Gervinho but this was purely because of technical details and not because of the player’s demands, as reported by some online sources.”

Well, there goes that wonderful story.

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