by Lewis Ambrose

Back in January Arsenal signed Gabriel from Villarreal, but he wasn’t able to make much of an impression due to limited opportunities during his first half season in London.

The Brazilian will be hoping for more chances to show his worth in the upcoming season and is likely to get them, with Arsène Wenger sounding very excited about the defender’s ability. His grasp on English is bound to improve and more regular football will only see him playing with more consistency.

“I’ve only been here for a short while but I think it is a wonderful experience,” the defender said to after launching the Arsenal’s new away kit in Singapore.

“I am learning a lot with all my colleagues, with the city and with this club, which I have no words to describe because it is so great. I am very happy.

“I think it involves everything; the family helping outside and the team-mates helping within the club. I think this combination helps my happiness grow more every day.

“When I first arrived it was my time to adapt. I think I am more adapted now, so I really want to win, I want to be at my best to be able to do all I can to help everyone.”

It isn’t just his teammates, a new culture and a new language that the defender has to get used to. The English league is often considered to be the quickest and most physical in Europe; you can’t switch off for a second in the Premier League.

“I do think that my characteristics of being strong have helped me adapt well to the English league because it is a very hard league, with a lot of contact.”

From the little we have seen of Gabriel that seems to be the case. A strong and proactive defender who takes no prisoners, hopefully he’s right and English football does suit him. If it does he’s set for a very successful season.