by Nia Griffiths

New recruit, Petr Cech, has been speaking to the Czech website, Lidovky, about world issues, including how reassuring he finds the British economy.

The topic arose when the keeper was asked about his thoughts on Britain remaining part of the EU. He also went on to speak about his African teammates over the years, considering both Chelsea and Arsenal are London-based teams, and the troubling situations their families back at home face. In addition, the 33-year-old even touched on the recent financial crisis in Greece.

Petr Cech
Petr Cech (via Google)

Once I managed to decipher what Google translate was trying to tell me, it became apparent Cech is quite clued up on the issues going on within our world and also very open to talking about them.

On the topic of Britain no longer being part of the EU, the Czech international said, “the United Kingdom had always kept a distance and the question of termination of membership in the EU touched London too. This time a year ago we were talking about the secession of Scotland. In addition Britain had grown economically, so the situation is generally reassuring.”

The 33-year-old went on the talk about how no matter where a teammate is from, they will always have issues. For example, his African teammates.

“Of course players from Africa to have problems,” he said. Their region is very specific. Wars, coups and food shortages have been tough for a lot of players. We in Europe can not begin to imagine what conditions they grew up in. They still have family there.”

Cech also touched on the current financial crises in Greece and how the issue is broached with Greek teammates, saying, “We can start with an example of Ukraine, where a lot of teammates played, even in Donetsk, but day by day it is exacerbated. Of course there are people who it hit. But I really believe that it subsides. Even in Greece – that there will be agreement and especially the Greeks start working on making the situation resolved themselves.”

It does seem that the goalkeeper has remained reasonably humble and recognises how fortunate he is to be in his current position.