by Nia Griffiths

After receiving some rather colourful insults and death threats from Chelsea fans after signing for us, Petr Cech has hit back, branding them as ‘not true fans‘.

Speaking days after signing to the Gunners, the goalkeeper said, “The true fans have sent me messages that are pleasing and positive. True fans will appreciate what I’ve done and the legacy I’ve left. There are some people who have left me negative messages, but they aren’t true Chelsea fans.”

Somehow, I think these comments are going to be about as well-received as his statement was.

The 33-year-old went on describe the last few days since signing for Arsenal on Monday.

“The last few days were really overwhelming,” the Czech international said. “The welcome messages from my team-mates and Arsenal fans were absolutely unbelievable. Last season it was a great season [for Arsenal], but there was something missing, just a little last jump over the hurdle. I believe this team has the potential to challenge for trophies.”

Cech played almost 500 matches for Chelsea during his time there, which is absolutely huge, and almost half of those appearances ended with a clean sheet. He was a massive asset to the Blues and I’m still genuinely quite surprised they let him go, especially to rivals.

I can understand Chelsea fans being a bit gutted. He played for their club for 11 years and now they have to see him most likely starting for their London rivals. However, the guy was benched. If he hadn’t been benched by their manager, he would probably still be playing at Stamford Bridge. Perhaps they should think again before hurling abuse at the player.