by Lee Hurley

Abou Diaby was released by Arsenal this week.

We’re not going to go into the injury inflicted by Dan Smith, or the subsequent horror tackles on the same ankle that was left literally shattered with bone pieces scattered everywhere as that still gets us all riled up.

So, here’s his Arsenal career in numbers:

  • £2m transfer fee
  • 194 appearances
  • £10,309 per appearance (excluding wages)
  • 19 goals
  • 16 assists
  • 42 injuries
  • 11 injuries to his right calf
  • 67 minutes played in the 14/15 season
  • 1 Premier League appearance in two seasons
  • 1550 days unavailable due to injury
  • 29 Premier League appearances in one season the most he managed
  • 19 years old when he met Dan Smith
  • 3 horrendous tackles suffered
  • 1 Chelsea captain kicked in the head
  • 1 career ruined

Diaby is still training with Arsenal but it is unlikely that we will see him in the red and white of the club again with a move to FC Dallas in the MLS being rumoured.

One of my biggest dreams was to see him resurrect the career he had so cruelly stolen from him.