by Lee Hurley

Jack Wilshere has been fined £40,000 by the FA for upsetting some Tottenham fans but has not been handed a ban.

The midfielder, as you all know, sang a few little chants that you can hear at any Arsenal game throughout the season. Why it’s acceptable for a few thousand to sing it and not one young, drunk midfielder who has just won the FA Cup is anyone’s guess, but there you go.

The FA released the following statement in regards to their finding:

“Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere has been fined £40,000 and severely warned as to his future conduct after admitting to a charge of misconduct.

“Wilshere was found guilty of making and/or inciting certain comments during the club’s open bus trophy tour after their FA Cup Final victory, with his conduct deemed to be improper and bringing the game into disrepute.”

Blah, blah, blah.

One day the FA might actually deal with the real issues, but, until then, put your personality away, football has no place for it.

[It’s worth noting that the FA have yet to act over “Leicester City budding stars, including boss Nigel Pearson’s son, who were filmed taking part in a vile orgy in which a local girl was racially abused in Bangkok“.

It’s also worth noting that £40,000 is how much Luis Suarez was fined for racially abusing Patrice Evra (although that also came with an eight-game ban]