by Nia Griffiths

After having his contract – which was originally due to expire this summer – extended by another year, Tomas Rosicky’s parents have got involved and have some choice words for Arsene Wenger.

It always feels like being back in the playground when a player’s parents get involved and Rosicky’s Mum and Dad are the latest to speak out against their son’s lack of playing time for Arsenal.

The midfielder has made his feelings on the subject pretty clear. He wants to play and he’s confused as to why Wenger would extend his contract when he’s choosing not to play him.

The issue the boss faces is a rare one at Arsenal; we have a reasonably large squad now so picking a starting 11 can be tricky. There’ll always be someone left out and as a player who’s struggled with maintaining fitness, Rosicky has found it hard to make the squad in the latter stages of this season.

Speaking to Czech paper iDNES, Mr. and Mrs. Rosicky had their say on how they feel about the current situation.

When asked if they were bothered when their son didn’t play, Rosicky’s mother said, “A lot” and Jiri Rosicky (Dad) said, “It’s horrible. All he wants to do is to be able to play. And when he isn’t on the pitch, or even among the substitutes, I’m so sorry.”

Mrs. Rosicky then continued, “You see, my husband takes this much worse than me.”

Before Mr. Rosicky, who also used to be a footballer, interjected, “Excuse me, but I don’t see any reason why he should not play.”

Well, excuse you indeed, Sir.

On the midfielder’s leadership skills his father said, “It’s natural authority, otherwise his manager Wenger wouldn’t have extended his contract. Wenger knows what effect Tomas can have on youngsters.”

It’ll come as no surprise that both parents are also convinced that our Little Mozart will be playing at Euro 2016 in France. Although considering that’s only a year away it’s not really that much of a stretch.

What I think both Rosicky and his ma and pa are missing here is that no one has criticised or doubted his ability. Everyone, fans included, loves him and wants him to stay at the club, hence why he got a contract extension. However, with the likes of Santi Cazorla, Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey all playing their socks off, it’s not easy to squeeze him in.

I admire his determination and self belief, I really do, but I’m honestly hoping that this doesn’t get nasty. Rosicky is one of my favourite players and for it to end horribly in a battle of passive-aggressive mud slinging would leave such a bitter taste.