by Lewis Ambrose

Much has been said about the form that Arsenal ended the season in, picking up more points than anyone else in 2015, and midfielder Aaron Ramsey believes things are changing for the better.

Some periods over the last 10 years have been difficult from not spending money and losing our best players to not winning trophies or even failing to compete for the Premier League.


The second half of the season was another high point for Arsenal though, as the club won 13 of the 19 Premier League games played since the turn of the year.

“What we managed to show throughout the season is that we can compete against the biggest teams, and now we must build on that for next season,” Ramsey told Bleacher Report.

“We are going in the right direction. We have improved as a team defensively, and obviously we’ve shown we are able to create and score goals so it’s just about getting that consistency throughout the season.”

That has to be the next step for Arsenal, who have looked strong enough to win the league over both the last two seasons but haven’t been able to sustain a run.


Both title-winning runs of form in the last two seasons coincided with Mesut Özil coming into the team. After the German was signed from Real Madrid in 2013 Arsenal topped the league until the New Year. The aforementioned run in 2015 came as the German returned from injury.

In the 2014/15 season he was joined by Chilean superstar Alexis Sánchez, who was player of the season and top goalscorer for Arsenal in his first season.

“It’s nice to have that sort of quality coming into the squad,” said Ramsey.

“I think the club is in a position now where we can buy these sorts of players, and also keep our players as well. I am sure, like any season, there will be a couple more additions this summer.

“So, that, I think, is definitely going to help us in the long-term in trying to win the Premier League.”

Now that Arsenal can afford and attract these players Arsène Wenger isn’t hesitating to spend, and Petr Čech seems to be the next to find out what it is like to play under Wenger.

According to Ramsey, that is something any player would enjoy.

“He’s very approachable.

“He’s a great man-manager and he will always do the best for you and what he can to help you.”


Wenger is renowned for the vibrant style he tries to instil in his teams.

Arsenal want to win, but they aren’t prepared to sacrifice good football week in week out.

“We all believe in the way he wants us to play the game, he has the backing of the players. We don’t take notice of the other stuff.

“I think we do like to get the ball down and move it quickly, and play one- and two-touch and keep the ball. We can be very explosive in our movements.

“When it all clicks it’s very easy on the eye. I think it’s fair to say it’s the best in the Premier League.”

Ramsey is right, but there are no awards handed out for style alone.

The key for Arsenal next season is making sure that they ‘click’ for the entire campaign.