by Lee Hurley

If you believe the media over the past week then it is just a matter of time before Peter Cech to Arsenal is announced.

But that’s not what his agent is saying while speaking to the press in Italy in regards to the reports that link his client with Inter.

“I have heard so many rumours in recent weeks about a possible landing place for Petr,” Viktor Kolar said, “but these do not correspond to reality.

“He is a possible Handanovic replacement a long time ago? No, at that time there was never any contact with the Nerazzurri, they were just rumours.

“I cannot therefore say if Inter would be a welcome destination, we never talked about this.”

He was then asked if Cech’s future was decided and he would be going to Arsenal.

No, I cannot say too much on this. I would like to know too! (laughs).”

Doing a little between-the-line reading we can assume that there are indeed talks to bring Cech to Arsenal, at the very least there is interest from the Gunners, otherwise why not just deny the reports outright as he has done with the Inter ones?

Whatever the case, the move is perhaps not as near to completion as we are being led to believe.

[Comments translated via Google translate and tidied, where possible, to make them read properly]