by Lee Hurley

With the Copa America in full swing, the press in Colombia are providing a little bit more content than we’re used to.

This week, they’ve spoken with David Ospina’s wife, Jessica Sterling.

Google translate, it seems, doesn’t like Spanish when it comes from Colombia, butchering her interview to ridiculous levels. I’m quite sure that they didn’t meet through ‘social networks’ (or maybe they did) as we understand them today and quite what was really asked when the interviewer asked ‘what’s afraid of glass’? Is anyone’s guess. Whatever it is, Sterling seems afraid of it with her answer being translated as ‘In some situation of criminal end. What nerves, my God!’

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But there are, thankfully, some questions which are intelligible.

“We met in Medellin,” she said. “It was superchistoso [?] because we were introduced through a mutual friend through social networks. We started chatting and talking by phone. I called every day. We met six months later. I found him very mature for his age.

“From the beginning I said that I loved him. The first time, he looked at me from head to toe and I was embarrassed because I am a “dwarf”. (Laughter.) I said “small”.”

Asked if she has any rituals when David is playing a game, Jessica revealed that she likes to light a candle’ while other intriguing information revealed that she can’t live without Nutella.

About her husband, she described him as ‘very respectful, sincere and [a] good friend’ and someone she enjoys doing everything with, however she also added “When I make a mistake with a word he mocks me. I enjoy it.”

She said that life with a footballer meant that she had to share all his ‘joys and sorrows’ while admitting that she’s the master of the house, laughing as she said it.

But it’s not all laughter, admitting that having to get used to life in another country with another culture very difficult. “On weekends, my daughter and I are always alone” she added.