by Nia Griffiths

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has been speaking while away on national duty for Argentina and had some interesting answers regarding the Premier League.

After Arsene Wenger revealed once upon a time that he’d wanted to sign Messi from Barcelona but the forward was ‘comfortable‘ at the La Liga giants and therefore wouldn’t move, Gooners worldwide have asked themselves – and each other – ‘what if?

What if we’d signed a footballer who is highly regarded as one of the best players in the world – if not the best?

Where would Arsenal be now? Would Messi be better than he is now or perhaps worse? Would he have already ditched us for Manchester City?

So many questions.

It seems Messi himself also wonder’s ‘what if‘ regarding what could’ve been had he moved to England. In an interview with Shortlist, he said, “It is hard to say [what type of player I would’ve been], because my education would have been very different to what I have had at Barcelona, but the Premier League is obviously one of the best and most competitive in Europe.”

When asked about whether they is anything he disliked about facing teams from the English and Scottish leagues he said, “Nothing at all. They are always big games against English clubs, and Celtic is always a pleasure to play at because their fans create one of the most special atmospheres.”

Although he obviously has a lot of respect for Premier League, despite how many news outlets are going to try and spin this, I hardly see this as a declaration of intention. I think he’s perfectly ‘comfortable‘ at Barcelona and I legitimately don’t see him moving, at least for many, many years.

Plus, I’m actually pretty happy with what we’ve got, believe it or not.