by Lee Hurley

According to a report in Le10 Sport, Lille want to sign Yaya Sanogo on loan.

Yep, we’d almost forgotten about him too.

The youngster, who signed on a free, has struggled with injuries during his time with Arsenal and also suffered from a number of problems while on loan with Crystal Palace last season.

According to the French site (via who don’t link to the original), Lille’s manager Herve Renard, is interested in bringing the forward to the club for the 15/16 season as he looks to strengthen his squad.

It’s hard to see Arsene Wenger standing in the way of Sanogo who has yet to master full control of his own limbs and while there does seem to be a decent striker in there, he’ll first need to work out how to operate his legs.

It’s unlikely that Wenger will give up on Sanogo just yet so the smart money is on another loan. The only question, really, is where.